Hemant I. Bhatt

Founder and President

  • US Citizen, Registered Republican Voter, Member of Republican National Committee, Washington D.C., USA

  • Director, Immigrant outreach, America Winning Coalition.

  • Businessman. Founder, President and CEO of Fear Management LLC dba fearmanagement.com.

  • Was Elected Director of the Board of Directors of Asian Indian Chambers of Commerce, [AICC], USA

  • Was Central Council member of The Institute of Company Secretaries of India

  • Was Secretary of Economic Policies Cell of GPCC. Is Member of Central Jersey Indians Lions Club. Is Member of Social and Cultural Organizations. Community Activist. Strongly believe in Patriotism, National Interests and Legality. Widely traveled.

  • Vast experience in Finance, Investments, Taxation, Legal, Entrepreneurship, Business and General Management in USA and India.

  • M.Com; LL.B. [Special], Post Graduate Dip in Taxation, Post Graduate Dip in Labor Laws, Fellow Member of The Institute of Company Secretaries Of India. Evaluated in USA as Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Business Administration, and Bachelor's Degree in Law from a Regionally Accredited Institution

Mission Statement

1. 'Trump My President' Shall extend an unequivocal support to US President Mr. Donald J. Trump , his National Agenda, his policy decisions and above all to counter the opposition he is facing from 'Trump is not my President' movement by bringing up the truths, not only to gain the support, but also to secure/ convert votes in his favor to ensure his reelection as US President in 2020. Also to support any member of Mr. Trump's family or any Individual endorsed by Mr. Trump or any individual who may run for any elected position at any level on Republican Party line anywhere in United States.

2. To educate and bring awareness among Hindus, Hispanics, South East Asians and other communities in America who are Conservatives, Moderate Conservatives or on borderline and who are new immigrants in America about founding principles of Republican Party and to register as Republican voters to vote for Republican party candidates.   

3. To connect and spread message to the grass root levels of all communities to join, nurse and work for Republican party, Republican National Committee, State; City; Town and village level Republican Committees and to vote for Candidates running for elected positions on Republican Party line.

4. To spread the messages of 'One Nation, we stand together'; 'We believe in America'; 'Restoring the American dream'; 'Country is exceptional'; 'Make America great again'; 'Make America wealthy again'; 'Make America safe'; 'God bless Americans' and 'God bless America'.

Goals and Objectives

1. To bring awareness to US President Mr. Donald J. Trump, his family, his Administration, his  election campaign that we all are with you and you are not alone in your fight to make America great again, to make America safe, to make America wealthy again and to stop this country from going into wrong hands.

2. To make members and volunteers of 'Trump My President' to spread the message and mobilize strong support to Mr. Trump, his national agenda, his patriotic policy decisions and to combat its opposition. And to support and work for Republican party candidates at all levels.

3. To approach conservatives, Moderate Conservatives, borderline voters and new immigrants in Hindus, Hispanics, South East Asians and other communities in America to educate and to register as Republican voters.

4. To meet with Republican policymakers and leaders and members of both the Senate and the House of Representatives, Elected Republican party officials at all levels to forge alliance and strengthen Economic, Trade and Political ties of United States with its strong allies in the world for mutual Economic Prosperity, Friendship and Public Safety and working together for common goals including fighting the international terrorism.